Remember Niger 2021 Gift Catalog image

Remember Niger 2021 Gift Catalog

Give the Gift of Quality Education to Children in Niger

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Give the Gift of Education in Niger!

You are invited to give the give of hope through education to children in Niger this holiday season. Choose one of the following gift items or give where it is most needed:

• Soap for a class - $10

• Mosquito net - $15

• Book and supplies - $27

• Meals at school - $60

• Desk for 2 students - $125

• First aid kit for school - $300

• Sponsor a student - $35/12 monthly gifts -or- $420/annual

• Scholarship for girl - $50/12 monthly gifts -or- $600/annual

• Give where most needed!

Niger is located is West Africa and is the least educated country in the world. Only 50% of children go to primary school, 22% go to middle school, and 5% attend high school.

"When I am traveling in Niger, I visit our current school partners and students. I also visit and explore other schools who desperately need our help. It takes my breath away when I walk into a severely overcrowded classroom and see children sitting on the dirt floor because there are no desks and not enough classrooms or teachers. The children have no supplies, they lack proper nutrition and hygiene, and their chances of learning and thriving are very low." -Kara VanderKamp, President, Remember Niger Coalition

This holiday season, please consider giving a gift from the Remember Niger gift catalog. Each gift will offer hope and have a big impact on the life of a child in Niger who desperately wants to go to school.

The mission of the Remember Niger Coalition is to unify people and mobilize resources to expand quality educational opportunities in Niger. Remember Niger Coalition is committed to using your gift in the area you have designated whenever possible. If programming considerations, economic or travel concerns prevent us from doing so, your gift will be a meaningful donation in the area that most closely represents your choice.