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Help Build Two New School Buildings This Summer!

​Madaoua Primary School and Aguie Middle School

$77,643 raised

$78,000 goal


Give New School Buildings to Students in Madaoua and Aguie!

Madaoua Primary School

Remember Niger Coalition is seeking $49,000 for the construction of a 3-classroom primary school building. In 2014, we began our partnership with the Madaoua Primary School, which is owned and operated by the local Evangelical Church of Niger. That same year, the school began with 20 students in kindergarten. It has grown by adding a grade every year and now includes preschool - 6th grade with over 430 students. In 2021, the school graduated its first 6th grade class with a 100% pass rate on the national 6th grade exam. There is an enormous need for more classrooms! Currently, the preschool and kindergarten are in temporary spaces and by adding more classrooms, the school will have the opportunity to expand and offer a high-quality education to more children in their community. Construction of the additional 3 classrooms will begin in May 2022 and the building will be completed in October, when the new school year begins. The building will be constructed with a reinforced foundation, which will allow a second floor to be added in the future as expansion is needed. The design of the classrooms takes into consideration issues of accessibility and barrier-free spaces, including handrails, wide doorways and access ramps. Thank you for your gift that will help build 3 new classrooms at the Madaoua Primary School!

Aguie Middle School

Remember Niger Coalition is seeking $29,000 for the construction of a 2-classroom middle school building. The Aguie School Community was established in 2007 with 15 students in one preschool class. The school has shown consistent growth since that time and is now a strong and thriving school community with 377 students in preschool through 6th grade. Remember Niger has partnered with the school for over 10 years and recognizes that the school is at a growth point where there is a significant need for a middle school. Remember Niger plans to construct 2 two-classroom middle school buildings adjacent to the current primary school classrooms to expand the education continuum for students in Aguie. The construction project will be done in two phases, both of which will include the construction of a two-classroom building.Phase 1 will be completed in 2022 and Phase 2 will be completed in 2023. The Aguie Primary School has grown to capacity and needs a middle school building to continue its provision of high-quality education to students in the community. The new middle school will allow the school to grow its enrollment by 150 students per year. Construction of the two middle school classrooms will begin in July 2022 and the building will be completed this fall. The building will be designed to be inclusive, incorporating a child-friendly design which will benefit all students, including disabled students. Thank you for helping to provide 2 new classrooms and establish the Aguie Middle School!