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Azzel Primary School Construction

Relocation needed due to catastrophic flooding

$71,913 raised

$84,000 goal

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The Remember Niger Coalition (RNC) is seeking $79,500 for the construction of two 3-classroom elementary school buildings at the relocation site for the Azzel Primary School in the Agadez region of Niger.


The Remember Niger Coalition is dedicated to unifying people and mobilizing resources in order to expand quality educational opportunities. We are motivated by Jesus’ words in Matthew 25, “Whatever you do for the least of these my brothers and sisters you do for me.” Our desire is that all Nigerien children have the opportunity to attend school and discover all that they were created to be. And, in so doing, they will be able to help their families, communities and their country.

The Azzel Primary School opened in 1955. For many years it was the only school in the area, and many students would board at the school because they were from villages that were far away. Parents are eager to send their children to the Azzel Primary School because of the school’s reputation for providing a high-quality education. Many students who attend the school go on to be influential members of society.

School relocation

The Azzel Primary School is situated next to a riverbed, which in recent years has flooded during each rainy season. In 2016, the majority of the classrooms and the school kitchen were destroyed. In 2019, through community and Remember Niger funding, eight classrooms were renovated, but sadly, catastrophic flooding occurred again in 2021. The school and community leaders came to the difficult decision that it is best to relocate to a nearby available site, next to the Azzel Middle School. This decision will ensure the students’ safety and will help prevent costly repairs and rebuilding.

Remember NIger hopes to begin a partnership with the existing middle school in the future. This will enable us to positively impact students from this area until they matriculate into high school.


The new school site is located on much higher land and will be safe from flooding. Conveniently, it is next to the middle school. To date, a two-classroom block has been built at the relocation site. However, an additional six classrooms need to be constructed before the school can move. Remember Niger will facilitate the construction of the two 3-classroom buildings in 2023 so that the school will be ready for students for the coming school year.

Our partnership

Remember Niger established a partnership with the Azzel Primary School in 2019. Through our relationships with community members, we learned about the school and the impact of the catastrophic flooding. We made a visit to the school in 2018 and were impressed with the quality of the education, as well as the commitment of the community members to the school. Every family in the village gave a financial contribution for the rehabilitation of the classrooms. Remember Niger came alongside the community and facilitated the rehabilitation of eight classrooms at the existing school site (which have since been flooded again) and worked with the school to augment their food program for students. Additionally, the school teachers have participated in the Remember Niger Teacher Training for the past two years.

Because Azzel is a public school, Remember Niger approaches this partnership differently than the ones we have with private schools. We recognize that the overwhelming need is for construction. We do not provide student sponsorships. The Niger government is overwhelmed by the needs throughout the country and will not be able to build classrooms in the near future. Construction of new classrooms is a way in which we can come alongside the school to meet the most immediate need.